Cardashift, a Cardano-Based Launchpad, Will Work With COTI to Incorporate Djed Stablecoin Into Impactful Projects

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Cardashift and COTI announce their partnership

An announcement of a new COTI Partnership to build out the Djed Stablecoin’s Ecosystem. The following is the announcement made by Cardashift on

Cardashift is super excited to announce its new partnership with COTI to support the development of the Cardano ecosystem and better onboard new users!

As we mentioned before, we decided to continue our efforts and focus our strategy on establishing solid partnerships with recognized entities. We do believe that strengthening links between Cardano prominent actors could be an efficient way to democratize blockchain technology!

Cardashift and COTI will share their knowledge to support impactful projects and work together using DJED technology. COTI expertise will be very benefical for further technological integrations.

COTI: Empower users to freely exchange value

COTI’s vision is to empower users to freely trade value “as simple as information is exchanged on the Internet” and revolutionize a ripe-for-innovation payment industry. To this end, COTI develops on-chain products to help enterprises build their own payment solutions and digitize currencies.

COTI represents the next generation of digital currencies targeting scalability, transparency, and trustworthiness.

About Cardashift

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds, and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues. Cardashift is based on Cardano, the blockchain platform for change-makers, innovators, and visionaries.

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