Cryptocurrency has been gaining momentum as a medium of exchange, but one drawback is its volatility. Stablecoins provide stability by maintaining their values over time and serve to eliminate any fears associated with cryptocurrency trading such as anticipation for potential losses or gains that might sway buyers/sellers into acting irrationally when they should be buying based on dips rather than premiums during an uptrend. With this innovation introduced into the market , commercial transactions became more accessible thanks largely in part from exchanges providing pairing options between tokens representing traditional fiat currencies.

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Stablecoin News


Djed’s Latest Upgrade: Empowering DeFi Enthusiasts with Enhanced Features

Latest Djed Development Update Unveils Key Improvements for Users In the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, Djed remains committed...
Gina Mindock
1 min read
djed stablecoin available now on bnb dapp

DJED’s New Frontier: Unlocking DeFi on BNB dApps!

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), the demand for stability amidst market turbulence remains paramount. DJED, a battle-tested...
Gina Mindock
1 min read

“Luna-Terra had Elements of a Ponzi,” says COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, Excoriating UST’s Flawed Algorithmic Stablecoin Design Mechanism

Cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting investment opportunity. However, when one coin crashes, the entire market is affected. In this blog...
Gina Mindock
6 min read

Pride before the Fall | Did Do Kwon’s Hubris Lead Him to Make Fatal Errors Or Was The Crash Intentional?

What other lessons can be learned from the Terra-Luna Crash? Some people might say that Do Kwon’s hubris was the reason...
Gina Mindock
10 min read
Charles Hoskinson image

Charles Hoskinson on Cardano’s Ecosystem, “It’s Not Going To Be First To Market, It’s Going To Be BEST TO MARKET”

As a result of all the craziness happening in the crypto marketplace, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and IOG, decided to...
Gina Mindock
12 min read

Algorithmic Stablecoin Innate Flaw Cause Luna/UST Crash or Wall Street, Degens, & Whales to Blame?

First, it should be stated that The Coti Report is a Djed Algo-stablecoin enthusiast, but like many in the COTI/Cardano communities,...
Gina Mindock
20 min read
Luna Death Spirl Black Swain Event May 2022

Did Terra’s LFG Bail Out $UST Whales Before The $Luna Death Spiral?

It’s been a tough week for those who have lost everything in the Luna/Terra crash. Many people, understandably, are trying to...
Gina Mindock
1 min read

‘America COMPETES Act 2022’ Could Destroy U.S. Crypto Market Warns Cardano’s Founder Charles Hoskinson As COTI’s Djed Release Date Nears

This should be an exciting time for Cardano and COTI as the February 2022 launch date of the Djed stablecoin nears,...
Gina Mindock
7 min read