COTI Q3 2022 Updates: Shahaf CEO, Answers Wen $Djed, MultiDAG 2.0 & Ledger, Get Free $GCOTI, Treasury Hits a Record & Much More

Shahaf Bar-Geffen took the time to address COTI community members’ questions. The discussion will cover answers to questions such as the...
Gina Mindock
13 min read
COTI Roadmap: Building Djed's Ecosystem 2022

COTI’s Building of the Djed Stablecoin Partnership Ecosystem, Cardano’s Highly Anticipated Algorithmic Stablecoin

By being the issuer of Djed stablecon, COTI’s role is to manage the user interface and user experience (UI/X) development and...
Gina Mindock
9 min read
MultiDAG 2.0 Hard Fork Testnet is Live!

MultiDAG 2.0 & Explorer 2.0 on Testnet | Branded Enterprise Tokens on COTI’s Trustchain Multi-Token Layer Infrastucture Coming Soon!

COTI is happy to announce that the MultiDAG 2.0 hard fork Testnet event has been successfully deployed on August 2nd and it is...
Gina Mindock
1 min read

COTI Update: $Djed Release Date Delayed to Q3 2022 Due To Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Rollout Delays

The COTI and Cardano communities have been told that the Mainnet version of $Djed would be in Q2 ’22. This is...
Gina Mindock
1 min read
man giving waiter a coti credit card for payment

COTI Roadmap 2022 March Updates | COTI Merchant Payments take on VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Venmo, etc

2022 is set to be a pivotal year for COTI, the self-professed “Currency Of The Internet”, as it aims to cement...
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3 min read
COTI Roadmap Update 2022

Sneak-peek at the Unofficial COTI Roadmap 2022 | Hint: Multiple Streams of Revenue Funneled to the Treasury

With all the volatility in the crypto marketplace coupled with the launch of COTI’s treasury, Mr. Bar-Geffen decided to create a...
Gina Mindock
14 min read
Feb 14th COTI Update by CEO Youtube Video 1

Solana’s Wormhole Bridge Hack Has Delayed Cardano’s Djed Release Date; COTI’s CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen Explains Why.

Today, February 14th, COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, discusses important updates to the Treasury’s APY & TVL, new staker incentives, DJED release...
Gina Mindock
6 min read
Djed Stablecoin Release Date - Djed Development and Timeline Update

Djed’s Release Date Updates – What COTI and Cardano Are Doing To Address Security

COTI has released the following announcement regarding the release date of Djed coin. — As we are making progress with the...
Gina Mindock
51 sec read

COTI Treasury VI to Launch in 2022 will Allow Many Clients to Transact & Send $COTI Fees to the Treasury Pool Benefiting Depositors and HODL’ers

Here is a January 2022 Update on COTI Treasury project written by COTI — As we are getting closer to the...
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2 min read

COTI Crypto Coin CEO and Founder, Shahah Bar-Geffen, Reviews 2021 Milestones and COTI Roadmap 2022

COTI, a company that is revolutionizing the financial system with its blockchain technology and coins has had an amazing year. In...
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7 min read