MultiDAG 2.0 & Explorer 2.0 on Testnet | Branded Enterprise Tokens on COTI’s Trustchain Multi-Token Layer Infrastucture Coming Soon!

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MultiDAG 2.0 Hard Fork Testnet is Live!

COTI is happy to announce that the MultiDAG 2.0 hard fork Testnet event has been successfully deployed on August 2nd and it is now live!

With this hard fork, COTI is transitioning from a single currency infrastructure to a multi-token layer. COTI’s unique MultiDAG 2.0 protocol enables branded enterprise tokens to be generated and minted in seconds on top of COTI’s Trustchain. These tokens inherit Trustchain capabilities through the CMD (COTI MultiDAG) standard, such as scalability, high throughput, lower costs, and seamless payment applications.

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MultiDAG 2.0 has been deployed in the Testnet environment after COTI’s node operators upgraded their Nodes. Through the new “My Tokens” section, users can now generate and mint branded test tokens on top of the COTI Trustchain protocol.

Explorer 2.0 Testnet is also Live!

Along with the MultiDAG 2.0, COTI is also excited to introduce the new COTI Explorer, which will offer a variety of stats related to the Trustchain. Additional enhancements such as the ability to search for any token that was generated on the Trustchain and see detailed information related to that token, as well as to access the COTI full node list, will also be available for the Explorer users.

Watch the COTI Explorer 2.0 tutorial video:

MultiDAG 2.0 Mint2Earn — Mint Your Own Tokens!

Do you want to test the COTI MultiDAG 2.0 and mint your own branded tokens through the CMD standard? This is your chance!

Each user who completes the tasks on Gleam will receive 50 $COTI Native coins! This activity will last for one week, until August 9th, 2022 11:59 pm UTC. Join here:

Watch how to generate and mint CMD Testnet tokens here:

Or read the guide here:

Read the MultiDAG 2.0 Lightpaper here:

During the next few weeks, COTI will be testing MultiDAG 2.0. The Testnet environment will allow them to test the functionalities of MultiDAG 2.0 in a fictitious and safe space using trial funds. This will also give everyone a one-of-a-kind opportunity to use the platform. As soon as the testing period will end and no crucial bugs will be found, the Mainnet will be launched, thus beginning COTI’s new era of allowing enterprises to issue their own tokens on top of the Trustchain protocol.

Stay COTI!

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