COTI’s Partner MuesliSwap, 1st Hybrid Cardano DEX, Will Offer Djed Trading Pair So Users Can Earn Yield Through Djed Trading Pools in the DeFi Market

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COTI and MuesliSwap Announce a Strategic Partnership to Implement Djed on Their DEX

COTI is happy to announce another partnership for Djed, Cardano’s overcollateralized algorithmic stablecoin, this time with MuesliSwap, which will soon become the first Hybrid DEX on Cardano! This partnership will make Djed available to trade on MuesliSwap.

Muesliswap will pair Djed with other coins on their DEX, thus making it possible for the liquidity to be provided through Djed trading pools on MuesliSwap and for the users to generate yield on their crypto assets in the DeFi market.

Chris, MuesliSwap’s Co-Founder said:

“This partnership will help traders all over the ecosystem to optimise their portfolio. Further, stablecoins improve the user experience by providing a convenient point of orientation.”

This partnership will ensure the proper and seamless utilization of Djed across the entire Cardano ecosystem — and with MuesliSwap DEX Aggregator, make sure traders are getting a great deal every time.

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