COTI’s Partner Thrift, Suite of RealFi & DeFi Products, to Offer $Djed to Users to Avoid Market Volatility in Saving, Making Payments & Investing

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COTI Partners with Thrift to Bring Djed to Its Suite of User Focused RealFi Products

COTI is pleased to announce another partnership for Djed, Cardano’s overcollateralized algorithmic stablecoin, this time with Thrift, a suite of products for decentralized, trustless, smart-contract powered thrift savings, micro finance, RealFi & DeFi systems, governed by Thrift Token holders.

By integrating Djed into their wallet and products like; saving goal use cases, crowd lending, P2P, fiat on-off ramp, multi-payments and Thrift protocol, Thrift’s users can use Djed to avoid market volatility in saving, making payments and investing.

Josiah Odosu, Thrift’s Founder said:

“Composability is at the heart of Thrift’s concept and we can’t afford to compromise on security, privacy and decentralization, these are all embodiments of Djed. Its integration into our suite of products will provide our users an opportunity to grow their savings in stable currency without fear or loss of value and contribute to Cardano adoption, especially in Africa.”

Jaime Caso, Thrift’s Co-founder commented:

“By mapping real needs through a non-custodial mobile wallet, it provides access to sovereign solutions, with the ability to interact with global assets such as stable currencies. COTI is paving the way with Djed, Cardano’s overcollateralized stablecoin, which fosters savings alternatives and financial inclusion.”

Through this partnership, $Djed will become the official stablecoin for Thrift suite of products, leading to wider $Djed adoption in developing countries and unstable economies.

Stay COTI!

About Thrift:

Thrift is a suite of products for decentralized, trustless, smart-contract powered thrift savings, RealFi and DeFi systems, governed, maintained and upgraded by Thrift token holders to create a more accessible and efficient financial system. A pioneer startup in IOHK’s and iceaddis managed Ariob incubator program.

Thrift Wallet is our MVP that enables savings, payments and investments through a RealFi wallet. It’s the home of all Thrift’s suits of products.

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