Geniusyield an Advanced Orderbook DEX & Yield Optimizer to Provide Liquidity to Djed Stablecoin Reserve in New COTI Partnership

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COTI is Partnering with Genius Yield to Accelerate the Adoption of DeFi, Using the Djed Stablecoin

The stated goal. as outlined in COTI’s announcement below, of this collaboration is to explore ways to accelerate the adoption of DeFi using the Djed Stablecoin.

From the source:

COTI and Genius Yield are teaming up to accelerate the adoption of DeFi by making financial products more easily accessible while also availing secure and tangible use cases to ordinary investors.

Genius Yield is building Cardano’s first order book decentralized exchange (DEX) using concentrated liquidity and a Smart Liquidity Management platform, and are officially collaborating.

Genius DEX is building a next-gen decentralized exchange with an AI-powered Yield Optimizer leveraging the unique benefits of Cardano’s EUTxO smart contracts paradigm, and we are happy to be partnering with them.

COTI and Genius Yield will support each other’s tokens and share liquidity in mutual liquidity pools in the spirit of interoperability espoused by the Cardano blockchain. Genius Yield will provide liquidity to COTI’s Djed reserve, and thus support its ecosystem.

Marvin Bertin, CSO at Genius Yield said: “Stablecoins have become one of the most important asset types in DeFi. They enable users to benefit from DeFi yield opportunities, while reducing their exposure to crypto’s high volatility. The Djed stablecoin will play an essential role in Genius Yield’s DEX and Yield Optimizer to produce consistent high yields for our users.”

About Genius Yield

While DeFi provides many investment opportunities, managing capital is both complex and time-consuming. Genius Yield is your all-in-one solution to benefit from advanced algorithmic trading strategies and yield optimization opportunities. Our Smart Liquidity Management protocol is intuitive, hassle-free, and secure. Genius Yield minimizes risk and maximizes profits.