Low-Cap Defi Gem, COTI Coin, Achieves First Major 2022 Roadmap Goal Exploding APY to 321% in 4 hours!

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A New Era For COTI Has Just Begun – The COTI Treasury is Now LIVE!

COTI is ecstatic to announce that after intensive months of development, the COTI Treasury is now successfully launched!

You can now deposit any amount you wish into the COTI Treasury and earn $COTI rewards.

The COTI Treasury is an algorithmic and decentralized pool of $COTI, where users can deposit $COTI and be rewarded for their participation. The pool grows over time as the entire ecosystem pays fees, directly or indirectly, to the Treasury. When a user deposits $COTI into the Treasury, they are entitled to a share of the Treasury that grows over time as the pool collects more and more fees from the COTI ecosystem.

The COTI Treasury launch marks a major achievement towards COTI’s path to becoming the next generation financial ecosystem, as one can see in the video below:

The Treasury has many new upgraded features compared to the previous Staking 3.0 such as the Multiplier, compounding rewards mechanism, and more. Those new features can be found in a detailed article about the Treasury.

This launch offers new opportunities for COTI holders to stake and earn rewards. (below image was published by the COTI Network on Reddit) Here it was announced that only after four hours from the time of Treasury being launched 53 million native COTI ($COTI) has been deposited. In addition, the COTI currently staked in their 3.0 staking program, the TVL has reached 189 million $COTI. Lastly, the APY has reached 321%!!!

COTI CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen said: “The Treasury binds everything that we do at COTI into one coherent system. Our commitment is to continue to grow the ecosystem in terms of services, volume, and partnerships to enable lucrative rewards for our users”.

(The above February 2nd video was inserted a day after the Treasury was launched to provide more insights)

  • Current COTI stakers can continue to stake on the Staking 3.0 program during the month of February while also being able to deposit any other amount of $COTI they wish into the Treasury.
  • The Staking 3.0 program will end its life cycle on February 28, 2022.
  • All previous staked COTI will be automatically unstaked on March 2nd 2022
  • Current stakers can continue to stake on the Staking 3.0 program during February while depositing any other amount of currently owned $COTI into the treasury.
  • Lastly, current stakers can withdraw staked $COTI before the end of February and move them to the treasury.  This can be accomplished anytime by clicking UNSTAKE. The staked funds will then be distributed within 24 hours. COTI warns, “that unstaking before the end of February’s cycle will mean that you will not be eligible for February’s rewards.”
  1. Obtain a VIPER wallet with the amount of Native $COTI you plan on depositing. Here’s how to open one if you don’t have one yet.
  2. If you need to convert ERC20 $COTI to Native $COTI, you can do it here: https://bridge.coti.io/
  3. If you currently stake $COTI using the Staking 3.0 program, decide if you wish to fully unstake and go all-in to the Treasury or gradually unstake post the launch of the treasury.

***As a reminder to everyone, all deposits into the Treasury are only available using a VIPER wallet and Native $COTI. 

This is just the beginning for the Treasury! COTI is already working on more features, calculators, and automatic processes to make the experience even more enjoyable. Furthermore, COTI expects the value locked in the Treasury to be substantial and believes that depositors/stakers should govern it in a decentralized manner. Accordingly, COTI will be introducing a governance structure and a governance token that will be distributed to those who participate in the Treasury and replenish it. COTI is also building a cross-chain fee mechanism so that fees from COTI’s products will all go to the Treasury. This will give COTI the freedom to maximize opportunities and allow COTI to grow the ecosystem.

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