New COTI Partner Cardahub Will Enable Users to Transact on Their NFT Marketplace Using Djed Stablecoin

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COTI is Partnering With CardaHub to Integrate Djed to Their NFT Platform

COTI is pleased to announce another partnership for Djed, now with Cardahub, a Smart-Contract based NFT Platform on Cardano blockchain.

The partnership entails the integration of Djed into Cardahub’s NFT marketplace as an officially supported native token for transacting on the marketplace. In addition, Djed will also be integrated into Cardahub’s NFT distribution service, enabling users to buy NFT from an NFT drop by using Djed.

Long Le, Cardahub’s Founder said “We are excited for the possibilities that this partnership will bring. Djed Stablecoin being powered by the COTI team plays an important role in the Cardano ecosystem. By integrating Djed into our system as one of the supported tokens, utility will increase for Djed, and our users are given another form of payment. In addition, upon future agreements, we could offer the Cardano community better service fees when they trade with Djed stablecoin.”

With over 25 partnerships, this is a part of our long-term plan to ensure the proper and seamless utilization of Djed, the over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin, and create an increased use-case across multiple platforms.

About Cardahub

Cardahub is a Smart-Contract based NFT Platform on Cardano blockchain, aiming at creating a one-stop shop for everything Cardano NFT (CNFT). Currently, Cardahub has been providing several smart-contract based services including a NFT minting, a fully decentralized NFT marketplace, and an advanced launchpad program or NFT distribution on Cardano.

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