Revelar NFT Gaming Platform Users Soon Be Able To Buy & Sell Assets with COTI-Cardano’s Djed Stablecoin

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COTI to Partner with Revelar to Use Djed as the Stablecoin for NFT Gaming on Cardano

COTI is pleased to announce our new partnership with Revelar, Cardano’s first NFT Gaming platform. The integration of Djed will help bring a stable way to buy & sell NFT game assets to the Revelar’s system, as well as participate in new tokenomic models through integrating their system with the Djed stablecoin .

Jason Toevs, the Founder and CEO of Revelar commented: “Creating NFT games that utilize native tokens as their in-game economy has been a game changer in building the decentralized economy. Revelar is looking to find the next Axie Infinity and bring that kind of global success to the Cardano blockchain. Our partnership with Djed will open up massive partnerships opportunities for game developers who want a simple integration and a stable way for their players to manage in-game tokens. Play-to-earn is the new wave in gaming and player owned content has now become table stakes.”

Shahaf Bar-Geffen said: “ We are happy to continue partnering with some of the top projects built on Cardano. By integrating Djed to their platform, Revlar is giving their developers and gamers more stable payment options. We look forward to watching this partnership unfold.”

The integration with Djed is part of Revelar’s larger push to bring new NFT payment options, including fiat-backed payment integrations to Cardano.

About Revelar:

Revelar is the first NFT game engine built on Cardano. Their engine brings a fully integrated solution to developers and studios launching their next NFT game. This includes generative asset creation, multi-asset minting, rich data analytics, and game economy management. With their new multi-asset minting approach, the Revelar system allows for much lower per NFT costs to support the demands of 100k+ asset collections that many games require. Revelar is in closed Alpha and will soon open up applications for their first launchpad cohort to be selected this summer.

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