COTI Community Q&A Event Sep 4th | Submit Your Questions

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COTI CVI QNA Event Sep 4th

COTI has announced another Q&A session. The last AMA was on Aug 24th, but that was reserved for tech questions only. Here is the recap to that Tech AMA.

Tomorrow’s community discussion will center around COTI development and answer questions submitted by the COTI community. If you would like to submit your question scroll down to the form below (image link).

COTI Team Members conducting this AMA are the following:
Shahaf Bar-Geffen – COTI CEO
Nir Arazi – COTI’s COO & CVI’s GM
Alexander Panasenko – COTI’s Senior Project Manager

Date and Time: Sep 4th at 12:30 UTC (Click here for a UTC time online calculator)
Place: COTI’s Twitter Space (Click the link to Set a Reminder or Join the AMA at the appropriate time)

Click here to Set a Meeting Reminder or Join the AMA at the scheduled time.
This is just an image of the form. It is linked to COTI’s Google Form (see source below).