Unveiling Delegation Rewards: Empowering SHEN Holders in the Djed Protocol — Epochs 431 and 432

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Delegation Rewards Distribution for SHEN Holders

In this insightful article, readers will delve into the world of SHEN, the valuable token that powers the Djed protocol. SHEN holders play a pivotal role in this ecosystem by providing collateral, and in return, they receive a range of benefits, including a share of mint/burn fees and delegation rewards from the ADA collateral in the reserve pool. Additionally, the article uncovers the recent rewards distribution for Epochs 431 and 432, shedding light on the amounts distributed and the number of SHEN holders who have reaped the rewards. Beyond this, SHEN holders can explore the exciting opportunities offered by top Cardano decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and DeFi platforms, where they can earn attractive farming rewards. Stay tuned to learn more about the thriving SHEN ecosystem and its commitment to transparency.

Delegation Rewards Distribution for SHEN Holders — Epochs 431 and 432

SHEN holders are provided with unique benefits in return for providing collateral to the Djed protocol. These come in the form of a share of mint/burn fees as well as delegation rewards from the deposited ADA in the reserve pool. Top Cardano DEXs and DeFi platforms also give users opportunities to earn farming rewards on their SHEN holdings.

Every epoch (5 days), a snapshot is taken randomly to identify all SHEN holders and the amounts held. Approximately 3–4 epochs (15–20 days) after this, delegation rewards are distributed to the addresses recorded in the snapshot.

Rewards have been distributed for Epochs 431 and 432, and we’re happy to share some of the details with you.

Results for Epoch 431

  • The snapshot for epoch 431 was taken on August 20th, 2023 at 14:29:19 UTC.
  • 14,365.95 ADA have been distributed amongst 2,686 SHEN holders.
  • Slot number in epoch 431: 146667
  • Absolute slot number: 100975467

Results for Epoch 432

  • The snapshot for epoch 432 was taken on August 24th, 2023 at 7:18:35 UTC.
  • 13,804.80 ADA have been distributed amongst 2,696 SHEN holders.
  • Slot number in epoch 432: 34415
  • Absolute slot number: 101295215

As mentioned before, on top of the delegation rewards, SHEN holders can also benefit from APRs offered by various DEXs and DeFi platforms.

Current APRs are:

  • MuesliSwap ADA / SHEN — 25%
  • Wingriders ADA / SHEN -22%
  • Minswap — ADA / SHEN — 11%
  • VyFinance — ADA / SHEN — 14%

In the spirit of full transparency, we’ll publish regular updates like this to demonstrate the delegation rewards for SHEN holders.

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