coti review part 2

COTI is an advanced payments project in the crypto space. It’s got strong technology behind it. This includes its Proof-of-Trust (PoT) consensus and its Trustchain Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). With these, it hopes to create the world’s leading digital infrastructure for payments and enterprise tokens.

And with its recent $gCOTI airdrop, the project is gaining attention. Thus, we’ve come up with a two-part beginner’s guide to COTI for you!

Beginner's Guide About COTI - gCOTI Airdrop
Source: Twitter

Now, if you haven’t checked out the first part of this guide. In this second part, we’ll explore the wallets that you can use to store $COTI tokens. Lastly, we’ll end off with a quick run-through on how to convert $COTI to USD fiat.

How to Store $COTI?

Alright! So you’re sold on the $COTI token’s potential. You’ve got yourself a small bag from a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Now what? At Altcoin Buzz, we always advocate the importance of securing your assets. To do this, you’ve got to:

  1. Set up and use a non-custodial wallet. Simply put, this means only you control the keys to your wallet. No third party can access your funds too. Unless you lose your keys, of course.
  2. Withdraw your tokens to a wallet. All CEXs should allow you to withdraw your crypto. If your CEX doesn’t, it might well be a scam or it has liquidity issues. Usually, for withdrawals, you need to specify:
    • The asset you’re withdrawing.
    • The wallet address you’re withdrawing to.
    • The network you’re using.
Beginner's Guide About COTI - CEX Withdrawal
Source: Kucoin

Seems pretty simple, isn’t it? You just need to get your $COTI off the CEX, and into your wallet. But this raises another question. Which are the best $COTI wallets to use?

$COTI Wallets

To answer your question, it depends on which network you’re using to store your $COTI. Nevertheless, we’ve got three recommendations below. Let us bring you through them.

  1. COTI Pay Viper wallet. This is the native wallet of COTI. Here, you can hold your tokens in the COTI network. You can also stake your $COTI in the COTI treasury for a sweet return. To set up this wallet, check out this step-by-step guide.
    COTI Pay Viper Wallet
    Source: Twitter
  2. Metamask: If you’re looking to withdraw your $COTI into other chains, then Metamask is the best pick. Metamask allows you access to the Ethereum and Arbitrum chains. Since $COTI has an ERC-20 token, you can withdraw it to Ethereum or Arbitrum.
  3. Trust wallet. This is your best choice if you’re managing a lot of crypto assets within one wallet. Since Trust Wallet supports more than 4.5 million assets, you’ll have no issue storing $COTI here with your other holdings. For a quick guide on how to set up your Trust wallet, you can refer to our previous post.

In a nutshell, $COTI is a pretty popular crypto. With a market cap of #367, many wallets would support it. However, we’ve picked out three of them, each of which caters to different needs. With the above, we’re confident that you can pick one suitable for you.

How to Convert $COTI to USD?

Let’s say you’ve made a solid trade on $COTI. You would like to cash out to USD fiat to lock in those juicy gains. To do this, there are a few methods. All of which would involve a CEX. So naturally, you’ll need to deposit your tokens into your CEX of choice first. Let’s explore 2 of them below:

  1. Method #1 – Using Binance. With a CEX like Binance, you could:
    • Sell your $COTI tokens into $USDT. You can do this using their spot trading function. The screenshot below reflects the $COTI/$USDT trading pair.
      $COTI-$USDT Binance
      Source: Binance
    • Next, to get your USD fiat, you can refer to Binance’s guide on fiat withdrawals. As the steps differ depending on which region you’re from, we will not go into details here. It is also important to note that each CEX has its own fiat withdrawal process. So, do check out their respective guides to get your fiat.
  2. Method #2 – Using Kucoin. You could:
    • Sell your $COTI tokens into $USDT. You can do this using their $COTI/$USDT trading pair. It’s almost the same compared to Binance’s above.
    • Then, navigate to Kucoin’s “Fast Trade” page. Then, click on “Sell” as shown below. From here, you can convert your $USDT stablecoins into USD using any of Kucoin’s available payment partners.


Well, that’s pretty much it! We’ve gone through together the basics and fundamentals of the COTI project and its native $COTI token. We hope that you’ve taken away a good deal of knowledge on this project. Needless to say, COTI will be growing its technology, business, and community. So, it’ll be smart to follow its Twitter here for frequent updates.

At the time of writing, the $COTI token price is $0.047. Its market cap ranks at #366, and its total supply of tokens is 2 billion. Out of these, 1.2 billion $COTI tokens circulate.

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