Two Epic Launches in February 2022 Could Determine if COTI Crypto Is A Good Investment

Treasury just launched today, February 1st and Djed is set to launch this month, as well.  The trading…
Gina Mindock
4 min read

‘America COMPETES Act 2022’ Could Destroy U.S. Crypto Market Warns Cardano’s Founder Charles Hoskinson As COTI’s Djed Release Date Nears

This should be an exciting time for Cardano and COTI as the February 2022 launch date of the Djed…
Gina Mindock
7 min read

COTI Viper Wallet USA Not Available As Bank Regulators Decide How To Treat Stablecoins in 2022

Crypto investors from all over the world are excited about the launch of the…
Gina Mindock
6 min read

COTI’s Treasury to Replace Staking 3.0 Allowing COTI Pay Viper Wallet Users Customization of Staking Minimums

The long-awaited COTI treasury will soon be a reality.  This platform is key to the COTI payment…
Gina Mindock
1 min read

COTI Crypto 2022 Price Prediction | Gain Insights to Help Decide if COTI Coin is a Good Investment

Is 2022 COTI Coin’s Bullish Year? Being named Cardano’s Djeb stablecoin issuer, COTI soon to offer a new staking…
Gina Mindock
5 min read

COTI, the issuer of Cardano’s Djed Crypto Coin; a DeFi-Focused, Algorithmic Stablecoin | Brief Investing Insights

In the 4th Quarter of 2021, at the Cardano Summit stage in Laramie, Wyoming, Charles Hoskinson (Cardano CEO) and…
Gina Mindock
2 min read

“Blockchain Dollars” Wallet | COTI’s Trustchain Innovative Payment Rail Solution has Online Gaming Merchant’s Attention

COTI created “Blockchain Dollars” a cryptocurrency wallet to help gaming merchants accept stable coins as a form of payment…
Gina Mindock
3 min read

COTI Q3 2022 Updates: Shahaf CEO, Answers Wen $Djed, MultiDAG 2.0 & Ledger, Get Free $GCOTI, Treasury Hits a Record & Much More

Shahaf Bar-Geffen took the time to address COTI community members’ questions. The discussion will cover answers to questions such as the...
Gina Mindock
13 min read
COTI Roadmap: Building Djed's Ecosystem 2022

COTI’s Building of the Djed Stablecoin Partnership Ecosystem, Cardano’s Highly Anticipated Algorithmic Stablecoin

By being the issuer of Djed stablecon, COTI’s role is to manage the user interface and user experience (UI/X) development and...
Gina Mindock
9 min read
Djed and Shen Coin AMA

COTI & Cardano’s June 2022 Question-Answer Session About Djed and Shen

Djed AMA Recap COTI held an AMA about Djed, the over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin on Cardano. The AMA took place on the...
Gina Mindock
11 min read
Worried Djed Enthusiast That Coin will Meet Same Fate as UST

Djed vs UST Algorithmic Stablecoin | COTI CEO, Experts & Community Explain Why Cardano’s Coin is Best

Currently, there has been much concern in COTI’s and Cardano’s communities about Djed’s ability to maintain its peg in light of...
Gina Mindock
12 min read
COTI to the Moon, Bullish Indicators Djed TestNet Launch Today

Is COTI Set to Explode? Djed TestNet LIVE! | How to Mint & Burn $Djed Stablecoin

$Djed Stablecoin Public Testnet is Live Today! COTI is excited to announce that after months of intense work along with the...
Gina Mindock
4 min read