Sneak-peek at the Unofficial COTI Roadmap 2022 | Hint: Multiple Streams of Revenue Funneled to the Treasury

With all the volatility in the crypto marketplace coupled with the launch of COTI’s treasury, Mr. Bar-Geffen…
Gina Mindock
14 min read

Djed Stablecoin & Ada Pay to be Integrated into VyFinance’s DeFi DEX with this New COTI Partnership

COTI is excited to announce that they are partnering up with VyFinance, the Decentralized Protocol side…
Gina Mindock
57 sec read

Will Djed Algorithmic Stablecoin Be Available to NFT Buyers/Sellers on NFT-Maker’s platform?

The answer to the questions is, “Yes, this is what COTI and NFT-Maker are exploring with their…
Gina Mindock
1 min read

World Mobile and COTI Unite to Bring the Unbanked ADA Pay | Is Africa Set To Dominate Crypto Adoption in 2022?

World Mobile (WMG / WMT) has lofty goals to first connect the…
Gina Mindock
20 min read

Akkadia Marketplace Users Can Now Transact Using their $ADA as a Result of the COTI & NFT-DAO Partnership

COTI is happy to announce that they have formed a partnership with NFT-DAO that has integrated 
Gina Mindock
1 min read

Solana’s Wormhole Bridge Hack Has Delayed Cardano’s Djed Release Date; COTI’s CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen Explains Why.

Today, February 14th, COTI’s CEO, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, discusses important updates to the Treasury’s APY & TVL, new…
Gina Mindock
6 min read

Successful Treasury Launch! Is COTI The Next Best Small-Cap Altcoin Under A Dollar Set To Explode in 2022?

Quick analysis and opinion of COTI’s Treasury launch by David Burt over at Crypto Banter.
Gina Mindock
2 min read

COTI Q3 2022 Updates: Shahaf CEO, Answers Wen $Djed, MultiDAG 2.0 & Ledger, Get Free $GCOTI, Treasury Hits a Record & Much More

Shahaf Bar-Geffen took the time to address COTI community members’ questions. The discussion will cover answers to questions such as the...
Gina Mindock
13 min read
COTI Roadmap: Building Djed's Ecosystem 2022

COTI’s Building of the Djed Stablecoin Partnership Ecosystem, Cardano’s Highly Anticipated Algorithmic Stablecoin

By being the issuer of Djed stablecon, COTI’s role is to manage the user interface and user experience (UI/X) development and...
Gina Mindock
9 min read
Djed and Shen Coin AMA

COTI & Cardano’s June 2022 Question-Answer Session About Djed and Shen

Djed AMA Recap COTI held an AMA about Djed, the over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin on Cardano. The AMA took place on the...
Gina Mindock
11 min read
Worried Djed Enthusiast That Coin will Meet Same Fate as UST

Djed vs UST Algorithmic Stablecoin | COTI CEO, Experts & Community Explain Why Cardano’s Coin is Best

Currently, there has been much concern in COTI’s and Cardano’s communities about Djed’s ability to maintain its peg in light of...
Gina Mindock
12 min read
COTI to the Moon, Bullish Indicators Djed TestNet Launch Today

Is COTI Set to Explode? Djed TestNet LIVE! | How to Mint & Burn $Djed Stablecoin

$Djed Stablecoin Public Testnet is Live Today! COTI is excited to announce that after months of intense work along with the...
Gina Mindock
4 min read