COTI’s New Partner AdaSwap, 1st Cardano DeFi DEX, to Offer Djed Trading Pairs

COTI is happy to announce a partnership with AdaSwap, an ecosystem builder that…
Gina Mindock
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COTI’s Ada Pay Platform Soon To Support ADA Handle, an NFT-Powered Naming Solution for the Cardano Wallet

COTI is happy to announce their new partnership with ADA Handle, an NFT-powered naming solution for…
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NFT & Smart Contract Platform Centaurify’s Goal is to Bring DeTi/Decentralized Ticketing Mainstream by Implementing COTI’s Ada Pay

COTI is happy to announce a partnership with Centaurify, an NFT & Smart…
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Djed Trading Pairs Will Be Offered On SundaeSwap, COTI’s New Defi DEX Partner

COTI is excited to announce a partnership with decentralized finance (DeFi) developer SundaeSwap Labs to explore…
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COTI Partners with Cardano’s Project Catalyst and is the First to Launch a Catalyst Native Fund – Expect Explosive Growth!

As just announced, COTI is the first to launch a Catalyst Native fund.
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COTI Partners with Lovelace Metaverse-As-A-Service to Integrate Ada Pay & Djed

COTI announces partnership with Lovelace. Here is the original news on this pairing titled, “
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Cardwallet Supports Cardano Native Tokens, Visa, Mastercard, & Applepay Fiat On-Ramps, Will Now Integrate COTI’s ADA Pay Solution

COTI is happy to share that they have partnered with CardWallet to bring the advantages of…
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COTI Partners with OccamFi, a DAO-Governed Incubator & DEX, Plan to List Djed Trading Pairs

COTI announces the first partnership of Djed’s ecosystem. See announcement here
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COTI Roadmap: Building Djed's Ecosystem 2022

COTI’s Building of the Djed Stablecoin Partnership Ecosystem, Cardano’s Highly Anticipated Algorithmic Stablecoin

By being the issuer of Djed stablecon, COTI’s role is to manage the user interface and user experience (UI/X) development and...
Gina Mindock
9 min read
Djed and Shen Coin AMA

COTI & Cardano’s June 2022 Question-Answer Session About Djed and Shen

Djed AMA Recap COTI held an AMA about Djed, the over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin on Cardano. The AMA took place on the...
Gina Mindock
11 min read
Worried Djed Enthusiast That Coin will Meet Same Fate as UST

Djed vs UST Algorithmic Stablecoin | COTI CEO, Experts & Community Explain Why Cardano’s Coin is Best

Currently, there has been much concern in COTI’s and Cardano’s communities about Djed’s ability to maintain its peg in light of...
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12 min read
COTI to the Moon, Bullish Indicators Djed TestNet Launch Today

Is COTI Set to Explode? Djed TestNet LIVE! | How to Mint & Burn $Djed Stablecoin

$Djed Stablecoin Public Testnet is Live Today! COTI is excited to announce that after months of intense work along with the...
Gina Mindock
4 min read
Djed Stablecoin Release Date - Djed Development and Timeline Update

Djed’s Release Date Updates – What COTI and Cardano Are Doing To Address Security

COTI has released the following announcement regarding the release date of Djed coin. — As we are making progress with the...
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